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Volumes edited

Steve Hanneke, Lev Reyzin (eds.)
Volume 808, January 2020
Special Issue on Algorithmic Learning Theory
Theor. Comp. Sci.

Special issue on ALT 2017: Guest Editors' Introduction
Steve Hanneke, Lev Reyzin (eds.)
Volume 76, October 2017
Proceedings of ALT 2017:
The Twenty-Eighth International Conference on Algorithmic Learning Theory
Proc. Mach. Learn. Res.

Algorithmic Learning Theory: Preface
Lisa Hellerstein, Lev Reyzin, György Turán (eds.)
Volume 79, Issue 1-3, March 2017
Selected Papers from ISAIM 2014:
The Thirteenth International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics
Ann. Math. Artif. Intel.