Lev Reyzin

I am an Associate Professor in the Mathematics (MSCS) Department at UIC, where I am part of the MCS group. I also have a courtesy appointment in Computer Science, and I am part of TCS and TRIPODS efforts across both departments. My research interests span the theory and practice of machine learning, network and data science, and optimization.


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Shelby Heinecke, Ph.D. 2020
Mano Vikash Janardhanan, Ph.D. 2019
Benjamin Fish, Ph.D. 2018
Yi Huang, Ph.D. 2017
Ádám Lelkes (with György Turán), Ph.D. 2017
Jeremy Kun, Ph.D. 2016
Li Wang, postdoc RAP, 2015–2017

Funding (as PI/co-PI)

current: NSF CCF-1934915 (2019-2022), NSF CCF-1848966 (2018-2020)
past: NSF IIS-1526379 (2015-2018), ARO 66497-NS (2015-2016)


UIC CS 501/MCS 501: Computer Algorithms II
UIC MCS 548: Mathematical Theory of Artificial Intelligence
UIC ECON 473/STAT 473: Game Theory
UIC MCS 549: Mathematical Foundations of Data Science
UIC CS 401/MCS 401: Computer Algorithms I
UIC MCS 441: Theory of Computation I
UIC MCS 521: Combinatorial Optimization
NWU EECS 497-3: Advanced Topics in Computational Learning Theory
NWU EECS 496-10: Computational Learning Theory
GaTech CS 8803/MATH 8833: Discrete Fourier Analysis and Applications

Service (recent/selected)

Ann Math Artif Intell associate editor (2016-present)
AALT secretary and treasurer (2018-present)
cstheory.stackexchange.com moderator (2014-present)
PC (co-)chair: ISAIM 2020, ALT 2017
local (co-)chair: MMLS 2020 (cancelled due to COVID-19), ALT 2019


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my Erdös number is 3
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