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Authors are ordered alphabetically by last name. Conference and journal versions of papers are grouped together and ordered in r.c.o. by year of most recent publication. Links point to the latest versions of the papers.


Yi Huang, Mano Vikash Janardhanan, Lev Reyzin
Network Construction with Ordered Constraints

Sam Cole, Shmuel Friedland, Lev Reyzin
A Simple Spectral Algorithm for Recovering Planted Partitions

Jeff Cooper, Lev Reyzin
Improved Algorithms for Distributed Boosting

Will Perkins, Lev Reyzin
On the Resilience of Bipartite Networks


Benjamin Fish, Lev Reyzin
On the Complexity of Learning from Label Proportions
IJCAI 2017

Benjamin Fish, Lev Reyzin
Open Problem: Meeting Times for Learning Random Automata
COLT 2017

Vitaly Feldman, Elena Grigorescu, Lev Reyzin, Santosh Vempala, Ying Xiao
Statistical Algorithms and a Lower Bound for Detecting Planted Cliques
J. ACM 2017 and STOC 2013

Benjamin Fish, Yi Huang, Lev Reyzin
Recovering Social Networks by Observing Votes
AAMAS 2016

Alexander Gutfraind, Jeremy Kun, Ádám D. Lelkes, Lev Reyzin
Network Installation under Convex Costs
J. Complex Netw. 2016

Benjamin Fish, Jeremy Kun, Ádám D. Lelkes, Lev Reyzin, György Turán
On the Computational Complexity of MapReduce
DISC 2015

Ádám D. Lelkes, Lev Reyzin
Interactive Clustering of Linear Classes and Cryptographic Lower Bounds
ALT 2015

Yi Huang, Brian Powers, Lev Reyzin
Training-Time Optimization of a Budgeted Booster
IJCAI 2015

Anqi Liu, Lev Reyzin, Brian D. Ziebart
Shift-Pessimistic Active Learning using Robust Bias-Aware Prediction
AAAI 2015

Jeremy Kun, Lev Reyzin
Open Problem: Learning Quantum Circuits with Queries
COLT 2015

Dana Angluin, James Aspnes, Lev Reyzin
Network Construction with Subgraph Connectivity Constraints
J. Comb. Optim. 2015 and ALT 2010

Jeremy Kun, Lev Reyzin
On Coloring Resilient Graphs
MFCS 2014

Lev Reyzin
On Boosting Sparse Parities
AAAI 2014

Shalev Ben-David, Lev Reyzin
Data Stability in Clustering: A Closer Look
Theor. Comp. Sci. 2014 and ALT 2012

Jeremy Kun, Brian Powers, Lev Reyzin
Anti-Coordination Games and Stable Graph Colorings
SAGT 2013

Miroslav Dudik, Daniel Hsu, Satyen Kale, Nikos Karampatziakis, John Langford, Lev Reyzin, Tong Zhang
Efficient Optimal Learning for Contextual Bandits
UAI 2011

Lev Reyzin
Boosting on a Budget: Sampling for Feature-Efficient Prediction
ICML 2011

Elena Grigorescu, Lev Reyzin, Santosh Vempala
On Noise-Tolerant Learning of Sparse Parities and Related Problems
ALT 2011

Alina Beygelzimer, John Langford, Lihong Li, Lev Reyzin, Robert E. Schapire
Contextual Bandit Algorithms with Supervised Learning Guarantees
AISTATAS 2011 (notable paper award)

Wei Chu, Lihong Li, Lev Reyzin, Robert E. Schapire
Contextual Bandits with Linear Payoff Functions

Lev Reyzin
A Review of "Famous Puzzles of Great Mathematicians" by Miodrag S. Petkoviç
ACM SIGACT News 2011

Dana Angluin, James Aspnes, Lev Reyzin
Optimally Learning Social Networks with Activations and Suppressions
Theor. Comp. Sci. 2010 and ALT 2008

Satyen Kale, Lev Reyzin, Robert E. Schapire
Non-Stochastic Bandit Slate Problems
NIPS 2010

Dana Angluin, David Eisenstat, Leonid Kontorovich, Lev Reyzin
Lower Bounds on Learning Random Structures with Statistical Queries
ALT 2010

Dave Clarke, David Eppstein, Kaveh Ghasemloo, Lev Reyzin, András Salamon, Peter Shor, Aaron Sterling, Suresh Venkatasubramanian
Questions Answered. In Theory.
ACM SIGACT News 2010

Lev Reyzin
Active Learning of Interaction Networks
Yale University Doctoral Dissertation 2009

Dana Angluin, James Aspnes, Jiang Chen, David Eisenstat, Lev Reyzin
Learning Acyclic Probabilistic Circuits Using Test Paths
J. Mach. Learn. Res. 2009 and COLT 2008

Dana Angluin, Leonor Becerra-Bonache, Adrian Horia Dediu, Lev Reyzin
Learning Finite Automata Using Label Queries
ALT 2009

Dana Angluin, James Aspnes, Jiang Chen, Lev Reyzin
Learning Large-Alphabet and Analog Circuits with Value Injection Queries
Mach. Learn. 2008 and COLT 2007 (best student paper award)

Lev Reyzin, Nikhil Srivastava
On the Longest Path Algorithm for Reconstructing Trees from Distance Matrices
Inform. Process. Lett. 2007

Lev Reyzin, Nikhil Srivastava
Learning and Verifying Graphs Using Queries with a Focus on Edge Counting
ALT 2007

Lev Reyzin, Robert E. Schapire
How Boosting the Margin Can Also Boost Classifier Complexity
ICML 2006 (best student paper award)